Immediate Dental Implant

Basal Treatment

Basal implant is the science of immediate loading implantology in which single piece, smooth surface dental implants are placed at different strategic location in upper and lower jaw, where they are engaged in cortical bone and loaded immediately within 3 days. Dng dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur to avail immediate loading basal implants. In basal implants there is no need for bone grafts and generally they are placed flapless. There is minimum trauma to gums and bone, however it may not be suitable to all cases. A careful treatment planning is must in basal implantology.

Esthetic Implant

Dental implant is the best method to replace a missing tooth, when it comes to replace a tooth in smile zone or aesthetic zone, it can create wonders by exactly rehabilitating the missing root, gums and the tooth crown and its colour matching to exact shade and anatomy of the neighbouring natural tooth. Dng dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur to get your missing tooth replaced by dental implants with perfection. Dental implant in smile zone /aesthetic zone are replaced best at the time of removal of tooth.

Full Mouth dental Implant

In todays era,Nobody should die with his teeth in a glass of water..A famous quote by sir branemark.. Rehabilitation of upper and lower edentulous jaw with by mean of implant supported fixed teeth has never been so pragmatic. Gone are the days where people used to live with compromised or inability to chew food properly. DNG dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur to provide immediate fixed teeth to fully edentulous patient within 2 days.

Graftless Implant

Graftless dental implants for rehabilitation of full or partial edentulous patient has become a gold standard treatment. Dng dental clinic is best dental clinic in Jaipur to get graftless dental implants where we avoid major bone grafting like sinus lift or block grafts with availability of long implants (zygomatic and pterygoid) and engagement of secondary or tertiary cortical bone. With no/minimum postoperative pain and edema patient compliance is at best.usually graftless implants are immediately loaded.

Permanent Teeth In 2 Days

Full mouth dental implants treatment has been evolved from bone grafting to graftless, from more no of implant to minimum no of implant, from delayed and long treatment time to immediate loading within 2-3 days and from multiple no of surgery to single surgery, from painful to painless procedure. At Dng dental clinic, we treat the patient keeping their comfort with longevity of treatment in mind.

Zygomatic Implant

DNG dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur to get zygomatic implant. Zygomatic implants are quite successful & predictable and avoids major bone grafting. Zygomatic implant is done in very deficient posterior upper jaw when there is no bone. It is anchored into zygomatic bone. we at dng dental clinic, jaipur use noble zygomatic implants.