Painless Oral Surgery Procedure

Painless Bone Grafting Procedure

DNG dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur to get painless bone grafting done..Bone grafting is done when there is deficient bone due to some severe infection or long term non replacement of teeth. We at dng dental clinic perform a painless GBR (guided bone regeneration) using the best bone graft and membrane.We do have predictable bone regeneration.

Painless Extraction in Medically Compromised Patient

Management of Medically Compromised Patient in dental clinic is best done at DNG dental clinic ,Jaipur. With increasing no of patient having underlying disease like uncontrolled diabetes, post radiotherapy patient etc, it becomes mandatory to special care and manage these patient so any dental procedure can be performed without having any complication.

Painless Tooth Extraction

Painless Tooth Extraction is a routine procedure at DNG dental clinic. We at DNG dental clinic which has best dental surgeon in Jaipur,believes in early restoration after performing painless tooth extraction. Most of the patient get the dental implant done at the same sitting thus avoiding another injection and course of antibiotics and next day artificial tooth is given.

Painless Sinus Grafting Procedure

DNG dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur to get painless sinus lift procedures. Sinus lift/grafting is done when there is less bone available in back side of upper jaw and patient requires a fixed tooth supported on dental implant.Now a days ,with use of tilted implant (pterygoid implant and sinus bypass) sinus lift procedure could be avoided.Still there are cases where patient requires sinus lift procedure and can be manged effectively either by crestal or lateral approach with minimal postoperative discomfort and swelling.

Painless Third Molar Removal

DNG dental clinic is the best dental surgery center in Jaipur where third molars i.e. wisdom teeth are removed painlessly and quickly.We at dng dental clinic have best oral & maxillofacial surgeon to perform minor oral surgeries who has immense clinical experience.The wisdom teeth are removed with help of piezosurgery unit which is the latest method to cut the bone as it causes least trauma to bone resulting in minimum post extraction discomfort and swelling.