Painless Root Canal Treatment

Laser Assisted RCT

It has been observed that when laser is used for cleaning and sterilization within the canals, it burns any tissue left out and hence increases the success of the root canal treatments by reducing the risk of works as adjunct to successful outcome of RCT.

Painless Periapical Surgeries

DNG dental clinic is the best dental clinic for painless periapical surgeries which are performed when there is large periapical cyst or when a regular root canal treatment cannot be done or it has not worked. Surgery is done to check the end of the root for fractures (cracks) to remove parts of the root that could not be cleaned during regular root canal treatment or to Clear up an infection that did not heal after regular treatment.

Painless Single Sitting RCT

DNG dental clinic has the best root canal treatment dental surgeon specialist doctor in Jaipur. our best dental surgeon performs single sitting root canal treatment (RCT) painlessly under local anesthesia.with the advent of various flexible rotary system availability and endodontic microscope and dental loupes,it has become a very predictable treatment modality. usually a cap is advised after RCT for long term function of tooth.