Tooth Crown And Bridges Treatment

Metal Ceramic Crown And Bridges

DNG dental clinic is the best clinic in Jaipur to get Metal Ceramic Crown And Bridges. In the metal ceramic crown, there is coping of metal inside and over it a thin layer of ceramic is fused chemically.Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns also look natural However, depending on their design, the metal may show if your gums are thin or shrink.

Metal Free All Ceramic Crown (Zirconia/emax)

DNG dental clinic is the best clinic in jaipur to get metal free all ceramic crowns. All Porcelain crowns look the most natural one. They are the best available crowns which gives life-like appearance for tooth. It is best suited for anterior tooth but nowadays monolithic all ceramic crowns are used for posterior teeth as well. There are different companies/lab which provides zirconai like 3M,Dentsply,Noble Procera etc.