Treatment Of Gum Disease

Bone Grafting Around Teeth

DNG dental clinic is the beat clinic in Jaipur to get bone grafting done. Bone grafting around the teeth is done to correct the bone defect which happens due to the chronic periodontitis around the tooth. we use best of bone graft with maximum predictability along with membrane to have successful outcome.

Flap Surgery

DNG dental clinic is the best dental clinic for flap surgery treatment in Jaipur. Flap surgery is done to correct pyorrhea, bad breath, loose teeth ,bleeding gums and pockets. A thorough curettage and debridement is done after reflecting the periodontal flap, bone grafting (GBR) may also be done if needed,then periodontal flap is thinned out and sutured back.

Treatment of Bad Breath

DNG dental clinic is the best clinic to get rid of your bad breath..we educate patient to practice better oral hygiene methods and perform scaling and polishing to get a clean, tartar free mouth without bad breath..Few patient with pyorrhea may require curettage and debridement with flap surgery..

Treatment of Pyorrhea

dng dental clinic is the best dental clinic in Jaipur for the treatment of pyorrhea.often patient with pyorrhea complains of bad breath, dull pain and swollen gums and bleeding from gums while brushing and addvanced stage, lossening of teeth is also noted. treatment of pyorrhea is flap surgery. dng dental clinicis best clinic to get falp surgery done for correction of periodontitis (pyorrhea).In flap surgery, thorough curttage and debridement of granulation tissue is performed and depending on the bone defect, bone grafting (GBR) is also done at the same time.